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              Trundle Beds

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              One of the earliest inventions of humanity powers the simple yet effective mechanism of this space-saving wonder. Equipped with wheels, a trundle bed can be easily pulled out from below another bed whenever required, and can be pushed in completely once the sleep time or naptime is over. This enables it to provide double the sleep space, or in other words, occupy half the floor space. A bed with trundle can easily replace a double bed in smaller rooms, regardless of whether the second sleep space is used frequently or not. For example, a sole occupant in a room can use the top bed regularly, and pull out the trundle bed whenever guests come over. Or a toddler can sleep on a low-slung trundle bed, to stay protected from possible falls. While buying a trundle bed online, look for additional features and facilities such as storage, headboard, monthly payment options, and more.

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